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Review Gymboree Play & Music

Gymboree Play and Music

I own several Gymboree Play & Music centers in Miami, Florida. I decided to purchase and test the Odocare Baby unit at one of our centers.

I have approximately 300 mothers registered at the facility. Most of the children coming into the center are still diaper users because our ages range from newborn to 5 years, so we have plenty of dirty diapers in a day.

If we had one dirty diaper it made a horrific smell that permeated throughout the entire place.

So we starting using the Odocare Baby diaper disposal unit over six months ago and it has been a life saver.

You can dispose several dirty diapers in the unit at one time and be at ease that there will be NO smell. In fact we left the unit overnight in the center and the next day there was no problem with any smell.

It is very easy to use, hygienic and easy to clean when necessary. The design of the unit also keeps little hands from pulling any dirty diapers out.

I highly recommend this product and will be purchasing two more for our other Gymboree centers in Miami.


Coni Goudie
Gymboree Franchisee Miami